FlashQEtm - Full Spectrum QE and Reflectance in 1 Second


Sample FlashQE Data

Tau Science’s innovative FlashQE™ system modernizes one of the most powerful diagnostic tools available to Photovoltaic manufacturers and researchers, Quantum Efficiency. Using a combination of novel optics and analysis techniques (patents pending), FlashQE™ increases measurement throughput by more than one thousand times compared to existing QE systems. Broadband Reflectance, Internal QE, and External QE are measured simultaneously, spanning the range 300-1580nm.

The Mapping QE system includes a measurement chamber, a two-axis stage for automated sample navigation and a feature-rich software control package that allows the user to write and execute measurement recipes. Pass/Fail criteria can be programmed into the recipe to automatically identify out-of-spec wafers based on Rspec, QEext and QEint. A data review package facilitates quick report generation and intuitive navigation of spatially and spectrally resolved maps of conversion efficiency. An optional optical bias is available in both blue and near-IR to study near-surface and bulk trapping.

The QE system can also be integrated in-line for Cell Sorting and Statistical Process Control applications. The system is configurable with one or more factory interface standards (24VDC, Ethernet, Serial) for communication with the handler and communication to a factory host or database. It is available with an automated XY stage (for uniformity maps) or without, for use as a high-throughput fixed-point sampling device.

System Specifications*

  • Base Package

    • Wavelength Range: λ=400-1070 nm
    • Spot Size: 5mm diameter
    • Measurement Dwell Time: 1.3 second per site
    • EQE Accuracy: 3%
    • Static Precision (3-σ): ≤=1%
    • Software UI: Recipe Builder, Recipe Execution, Data Review
    • Cell mapping (XY stage): 40 sites/minute [for 5mm moves]
    • AC Power Input: 220VAC, 1Φ, 110A, 50-60Hz

  • Options

    • Factory Interface: Host control and data upload
    • UV Package: Additional wavelengths covering 300-400nm
    • Blue (DC) Illumination: λ= 455 nm [Near-surface trap discrimination]
    • NIR (DC) Illumination: λ=940nm [Bulk trap discrimination]
    • IR Package: Additional wavelengths covering 1090-1580nm
    • Custom Spot Size & Shape: Various apertures available

*Specifications are preliminary and subject to change.


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