• One Second, One Spectrum, No Kidding

    FlashQE Uses a Revolutionary Solid State Lightsource
    • All wavelengths measured simultaneously

    • Solid state lightsource >10,000 hr lifetime

    • Extensive, built-in feedback control for excellent stability

    A New Kind of Lightsource
  • QEtech_noise

    Diagram showing the results of a nine-hour gauge study, where 32,000 QE spectra were acquired at a measurement rate of one per second. First and last EQE spectra are shown, as are the 6-sigma error bars that were calculated from the entire data set.

    Superior Stability and Repeatability
  • Stand-alone, Mapping QE System optimized for flexibility and versatility

    Mapping Configuration
    • Integrated stage and control SW enables:
      • Mapping of EQE at 40 sites/minute
      • <1% beam uniformity EQE
    • Configurable Chuck Design:
      • Handles Multiple Sample Types
      • Chuck can be Exchanged
    • Flexible Options:
      • Light Bias
      • Specular Reflectance
    Configuration: Mapping System
  • Stand-alone or In-Line, Full-Cell Illumination QE System optimized for speed and ease of use.

    Full Celll Inspection System Using FlashQE
    • In-Line Integration:
      • Full-Cell QE measurements at the speed of the line
      • Factory Interface communicates with Factory Host
    • Stand-alone:
      • Fast, Repeatable QE measurements
      • Easy-to-Use, Recipe Driven SW Interface
    • <7% beam uniformity
    Configuration: Full Cell
  • In-line, Multi-Head System enables simultaneous measurement of QE at select positions on cell.

    Multi-Head, Parallel QE curve acquisition system
    • Allows In-line acquisition of spatial QE data:
      • Example: 21 wavelengths at 3 positions
      • Example: 32 wavelengths at 2 positions
    • Target QE to areas of concern:
      • Example: Edge vs. Center
      • Example: Deposition Uniformity
    • Target QE data for wavelengths of concern:
      • Example: Monitor Bandgap
      • Example: Monitor CdS Deposition
    Configuration: Multi-Head
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